Camera Rehearsal

Camera Rehearsal

Drawing of a camera with a camera script attached

At mid-day the camera rehearsals begin. The lighting and sound engineers and the cameramen have been completing their preparations and now the actors rehearse with the full production facilities. The director is now in his production suite and from here, with the aid of microphone links, controls all the studio activities. At his side are the production assistant (who cues the cameras and sound, notes any alteration or problems and looks after timing) and the vision-mixer (who in accordance with the shooting script and the director’s instructions selects pictures from the four cameras). The producer’s view is shown in the right-hand picture below.

Rehearsals continue during the afternoon, after the tea break with the actors in full uniform and make-up. As necessary the director comes down on to the studio floor between rehearsals to give notes to the actors on particular points which require attention.

“I am writing to express appreciation of the way in which, on several occasions, most valuable witness has been borne in your programme to the need for a spiritual view of life.” 

The Bishop of Lichfield, Chairman of the Churches’ Council of Healing.

“They get the background information and all the details as right as can be. And it is information that people want to know” 

Dr. Harvey Flack, Editor of Family Doctor.